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Reasoning & Aptitude MCQ/Quiz Part 1 – Important Questions on Analogies


Reasoning & Aptitude Mock Test Part 1 – Important Question on Analogies

We have picked up the most important question for you to practice and prepare for Govt exam, Here you can practice
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Mock Test আৰম্ভ কৰিবলৈ তলৰ Start Mock Test ক্লিক কৰক।

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River: Stream::Ocean: ?

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Coins: Mint::Bricks: ?

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Moderate: Intensify::Nominal: ?

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Rabbit : Animal ::?: ?

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Create: Destroy:: ?: ?

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Sitar:Guitar :: Tanpura: ?

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Maharashtra: India:: Texas: ?

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Tobacco: Cancer::? : ?

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Cow: Calf::Goat: ?

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Doctor: Patient::Lawyer: ?

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Patrol: Security::?: Insurance

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Yesterday: Tomorrow::March: ?

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Sculptor: Chisel::Author: ?

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January: November::Sunday: ?

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Eye: Wink::Heart: ?

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Scribble: Write::Stammer: ?

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Spring: Summer::?: ?

18 / 20


Love: Hate::Proud: ?

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Fish: Scales::Bear: ?

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Procession: Route::Earth: ?

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Hey, You did a really great job in this Mock Test, We also did so much hard work to make this for you and working to bring more Moct Tests for you
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We have picked up the most important question for you to practice and prepare for Govt exam, Here you can practice Reasoning & Aptitude MCQ/Quiz Part 1. This is only Part 1 of Reasoning & Aptitude MCQ/Quiz Part 1, There are more Part of this topic, We also prepare more MCQs in different topics or syllabus. Click Here to See more topics.

1. River: Stream::Ocean: ?
a) Pond
b) Current
c) Dam
d) Sea

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b) Current

As, ‘Stream’ is produced by ‘River’, same as Current’ is produced by ‘Ocean’.

2. Coins: Mint::Bricks: ?
a) Foundry
b) Furnace
c) Cemetery
d) Kiln

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d) Kiln

Coins are made in Mint, Same as Bricks are made in Kiln

3. Moderate: Intensify::Nominal: ?
a) Memorial
b) Chacs
c) Distance
d) Expensive

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d) Expensive

Moderate and Intensify are antonyms & Nominal and Expensive are antonyms

4. Rabbit : Animal ::?: ?
a) Sun : Moon
b) Pentagon : Figure
c) Lion : Bird
d) Animal : Cow

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b) Pentagon : Figure

As, Rabbit is kind of Animal. Similarly Pentagon is a kind of Figure

5. Create: Destroy:: ?: ?
a) Long : Short
b) Long : Topmost
c) Thin : Small
d) Fat : Huge

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a) Long : Short

Both are opposite to each other.

6. Sitar:Guitar :: Tanpura: ?
a) Trumpet
b) Mridanga
c) Harmonium
d) Violin

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d) Violin

These are string instrument.

7. Maharashtra: India:: Texas: ?
a) Brazil
b) Mexico
c) USA
d) Canada

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c) USA

Maharashtra is a state of India. Similarly Texas is a state of USA.

8. Tobacco: Cancer::? : ?
a) Bud : Flower
b) Soil : Erosion
c) Mosquito : Malaria
d) Milk : Food

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c) Mosquito : Malaria

Tobacco is a cause of Cancer and Mosquito is the cause of Malairia.

9. Cow: Calf::Goat: ?
a) Lamb
b) Kid
c) Cold
d) Puppy

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b) Kid

Calf is the young one of Cow, Similarly Kid is the young one of Goat

10. Doctor: Patient::Lawyer: ?
a) Client
b) Customer
c) Magistate
d) Criminal

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a) Client

Doctor deals with Patient, Similarly Lawyer deals with Client.

11. Patrol: Security::?: Insurance
a) Money
b) Savings
c) Policy
d) Risk

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d) Risk

In order to ensure security, police or defense personnel patrol the area. Similarly, to cover Risk, Insurance is done

12. Yesterday: Tomorrow::March: ?
a) January
b) April
c) May
d) June

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c) May

Yesterday then Today then Tomorrow. Similarly March then April then May.

13. Sculptor: Chisel::Author: ?
a) Book
b) Table
c) Paper
d) Pen

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d) Pen

Sculptor uses Chisel to Sculpt. Similarly Author uses pen to write

14. January: November::Sunday: ?
a) Saturday
b) Tuesday
c) Friday
d) Monday

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c) Friday

January is the first month of a year and November is the second last month of a year. Similarly, Sunday is the first day of a week and Friday is the second last day of a week

15. Eye: Wink::Heart: ?
a) Respirator
b) Throb
c) Move
d) Pump

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b) Throb

Wink represents the movements of eye. Similarly Throb represents the movement of Heart.

16. Scribble: Write::Stammer: ?
a) Speak
b) Walk
c) Play
d) Dance

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a) Speak

Scribble is related to Writing. Similarly, Stammer is related to Speaking.

17. Spring: Summer::?: ?
a) Sunday : Monday
b) Tueday : Friday
c) Thursday : Wednesday
d) Friday : Monday

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a) Sunday : Monday

Summer comes after spring. Similarly, Monday comes after Sunday

18. Love: Hate::Proud: ?
a) Sorrowful
b) Miserable
c) Conceited
d) Humble

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d) Humble

These are antonyms.

19. Fish: Scales::Bear: ?
a) Skin
b) Feathers
c) Leaves
d) Fur

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d) Fur

The body of a remains covered with scales. Similarly, the body of bear remains covered with fur.

20. Procession: Route::Earth: ?
a) Space
b) Sun
c) Orbit
d) Milkyway

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c) Orbit

Procession proceeds on a certain route. Similarly, Earth also proceeds on a certain road that is called Orbit

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