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Which water resource project covers and extends the benefits to Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra Gujarat, and Rajasthan?


Which pair of extremely located Indian cities are connected by the East-West corridor?


As per the 2011 Census, how many Gaon Panchayats are there in Assam?


Which among the following cities is known as the Tea City of India?


The term "Black Revolution" in the present context of India is associated with


Lieutenant Commander, Ms.Karabi Gogoi is India's first woman navy officer to be posted as a defense attache in a Foreign Country (in her case Russia). What is her basic expertise?


On 23 March 2019, the first Lokpal of India was appointed. Identify the Lokpal from the options given below


When was Assam detached from Bengal Presidency and was made a separate Chief Commissionership?


Which of the following articles empowers the Governor to appoint the Chairman and other members of a state public service commission?


Who was the first speaker of Lok Sabha of the Indian Parliament?


Who was India's Prime Minister when the government introduced the modern Panchayati Raj system by the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act and gave it a constitutional status?


Which among the following Schedules of the Indian Constitution is related to the distribution of powers between the Union and states?


The concepts of "Integral Humanism" and "Antyodaya" were associated with which of the following visionary thinkers of India?


When did the first amendment of the Indian Constitution take place?


Which freedom fighter earned the sobriquet "the Nightingale of India"?


Under Article 368 the Parliament has no power to repeal the Fundamental Rights they are?


The concept of Dual Citizenship in the Union of India to" the Persons of Indian Origin(PIO)" belonging to some specified countries was recommended by the


Equal opportunity in matters of public employment is guaranteed under Article


Which of the following Fundamental Rights is available only to the citizens of India?

1. Right to equality of opportunity in matters of public employment

2. Equality before the law

3.Right to freedom of religion

4. Right to freedom under Article 19

Choose the correct answer.


In the Indian Constitution, the method of election of the President of India is taken from which country?


As per the Tripartite Assam Accord signed among the Government of India, the Government of Assam the Leaders of the Assam Agitation(AASU), and All Assam Gana Sangram Parishad) 0n 15 August 1985, what was the cut-off date for the detection and deportation of illegal migrants to Assam?


The four districts under the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC)are


Which statement among the following is not true about the GST council?


The National Bamboo Mission strives to

(i) increase the area under the bamboo plantation in non-forest areas.

(ii) rejuvenate the under-developed bamboo industry in India.

(iii) take over the sick paper mills in India.

(iv) explore the export market for bamboo.

Choose the correct answer:


Which one of the following correctly describes the "Angle Tax"?



Name the Indian citizen, who is also a Nobel Laureate in Economics.


Under which scheme, a program has been launched by the Government of India to train youths on GST and related matters?


The seven-member Committee for the revitalization of Assam economy in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic was headed by


We often hear the term "CTC" in the context of Assam Tea. What does CTC stand for?


The Department of Act East Policy Affairs (AEPA) under the Government of Assam was set up in


Which Ministry of India is carrying out special scientific schemes like KIRAN-IPR AND Vigyan Jyoti for women scientists in India?


Which of the following became the first state/UT in India to Present an e-budget and stream it live on social media as well?


The maximum number of individuals that can be supported by a given environment is called


Plants growing under direct sunlight are known as heliophytes.What do we call the plants growing under shades?


Which among the following protocols/convention is dedicated to protecting biodiversity from the potential risks caused by Living Modified Organisms(LMO)from Modern technology?


Which among the following types is non-material pollution?



The two UNESCO world Heritage sites in Assam are


Match the following persons and their activities in the field of environmental conservation and development:

List-I                                                                                                                                                                       List-II

a. Medha Patkar                                                                                                                    1.  Centre for Science and Environment

b. M.S. Swaminathan                                                                                                           2. Narmada Bachao Andolan

c. Anil Agarwal                                                                                                                       3. Ornithology and Conservation

d. Salim Ali                                                                                                                              4. Rice Research and Biodiversity Conservation


All species of Lemur are endemic to


Which among the following is the state Tree of Assam?


Among the marine ecosystems, the most species-rich ecosystem is


Biodiversity hot spots are among the richest and most important ecosystems in the world. How many such hot spots are presently there in the world?


Wooden doors swell up and get stuck during the rainy season.This is due the phenomenon of


Who won the Nobel prize in Physics for the discovery of the"law of photoelectric effect"?


The filament string of an electric bulb is made of


Which among the following is the chief constituent of biogas?


Which of the following is an egg-laying mammal?


Which of the following diseases is not caused by a virus?


A washing machine works on the principle of


Raindrops are spherical in shape because of the phenomenon called


Name the clinical procedure in which blood is transfused from recovered COVID-19 patients to COVID-19-affected patients in critical condition.


A man suddenly encounters a tiger in the jungle and his heartbeat goes up, blood pressure increases, and gets nervous. Which hormone is released more at this point in his body?


The Prime Minister of India kick-57.started the largest vaccination drive in Indian history against the COVID-19 virus on


The biggest vaccine manufacture,by volume,in the world is


Which city has been conferred with the Swachh Survekshan,2020 Award as the cleanest city in the northeast Region and the State under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?


Which country on 19 July,2020 launched its first mission to Mars?


The much discussed "Line of Actual Control(LAC)" is a disputed borderline between


The Paris Agreement of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is to limit global warming well below (benchmark of pre-industrial level)


Against the 232 electoral votes won by Donald Trump, how many electoral votes were bagged by Joe Biden in the November 2020 US Election?


The Nobel Prize in Literature for the Year 2020 was won by


Sittwe Port in Myanmar, which is being financed by India is a part of which project?


On 26 January 2020 we lost an all-time great basketball player who used to play for Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association for two decades. Who was he?


The FIFA world Cup-Football,2022 will hosted by


Which among the following removed the pro-democracy books from its public libraries recently?


On 25 may,2020 few officers of Minneapolis Police mercilessly killed a black man, who was charged with using a counterfeit $20 note after buying cigarettes from a convenience store. The name of this man, whose death rocked the US political and social systems for a long time is


The National Education Policy,2020 was approved by the Union Cabinet on 29 July 2020. This visionary policy aims to touch upon every aspect of education from elementary to higher education will replace the


On 9 November 2019, the Supreme Court of India gave the historic verdict in the Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid case popularly called the Ayodhya Verdict. Which High Court in India Referred this case to the Supreme Court after 2010?


Three Agriculture Bills were signed by the President of India after both the Houses of Parliament had passed earlier on 27 September 2020. Which of the following is not a part of this package?


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) partnered with the company to launch a curriculum on Digital Safety and Augmented Reality for Students and Educators.


Which tribe of Assam organized the Judima Festival in the middle of December 2020 to promote its art and Culture, performing arts?


On 27 September 2020 and 10 November 2020 a fierce battle was fought between two countries for the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. Which are the two countries?


For the first time in India, senior defense personnel in a newly created position of "Chief of Defence Staff" was installed on 1 January 2020, who will be above all the Three Chiefs of the three wings, viz. Army, Navy, and Air Force. Who is the first incumbent in this position?


During 1540 and 1587, king Naranarayana ruled over the undivided Koch Kingdom of Kamata and subsequently subjugated the entire Brahmaputra Valley, Including the Ahom, Kachari, Tripura, and Manipur Kingdoms. What was the real name of King Naranarayana?


The founder of the Ahom Kingdom Chaolung Sukapha ruled Assam from 1228 A.D. to 1268 A.D after his death, who succeeded him?


As a great patron of Shakta Hinduism, an Ahom King built the Umananda Temple on Peacock Island of Guwahati around 1964 AD. Who was he?


King Siva Singha entrusted Krishnaram Bhattacharya, a Shakta priest from Nawadwip in west Bengal to manage the Kamakhya Temple. How do we know him more popularly?


Chao Suhungmung was the first Ahom King to adopt a Hindu title, indicating a move towards an inclusive polity. Which Hindu name did he take?


The best passing out cadet of the National Defence Academy Khadakwasla(Pune) is conferred the


Who was the ruler of Kashmir at the time of India's Independence?


The brave Assamese lady warrior Mula Gabharu died fighting against?


Who was the first Assamese to fight against the British?


Bhogeswar Baruah was the first Arjuna Award winner from Assam in 1966. Who was the second Assamese to win this coveted award of Indian sports in 1987?


Which Assamese film won the first-ever National Film Award (The President Certificate of Merit) for the regional language category in 1955?


Great footballer Dr.Talimeren Ao was born in undivided Assam (in Naga Hills district) and went on to study at Cotton College and R.G. Kar Medical College for his degree in medicine. He holds a unique status in India's football history. What is that status?


Aximat Jar Heral Xeema is a landmark in the Assamese novel written by Kanchan Baruah and was first published in 1945. But Kanchan Baruah is the pen name. What is the author's real name


The Tale of Nomadic Soul is the English translation of a famous novel by Syed Abdul Malik. Which is that novel?


The novel Abhijatri is based on the life and achievements of


The English Act made the English language the medium of instruction in India as per the decision of William Bentinck and funds were allocated to the British East India Company to spend on education and literature in India. When was this Act passed


While Rabindranath Tagore conferred the title "Mahatma" upon Gandhi. who conferred the title "Half-Naked Fakir" on Gandhi?


Who authored the famous book Indica?


Aruna Asaf Ali was one of the prominent organizers of the underground activities during the


Identify the national leader and efficient administrator who played an extraordinary role in the integration of the Indian States.


The largest landlocked country in the world is


Find out which of the  following pairs is/are correct:

  1. Khamti                            : Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Ao                                     : Nagaland
  3.  Melacheri                       : Lakshadweep

Choose the correct answer:


Which country is the largest archipelago country in the world?


Which of the following rivers has the largest  river basin in the Indian subcontinent?


The boundary demarcation between India and Pakistan came into force on 17 August 1947. Which line divides these two countries?


The island of Seychelles is located in the


Which of the following Wildlife/National parks in the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh Borders?


According to the most authentic geographical studies, when did life begin on earth?

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